Last updated: 18/02/03

Weee! New update! Heaps of stuff now:
4 pixs in Fan Art - 2 Vash (Trigun) - 1 Kai (Beyblade) - 1 Aoshi (R.Kenshin)
2 pixs in Org. Art - 1 weird demon guy - Yowan (Org. char) from my R.K fanfic
1 new fan fic: Always Then Always Forever (Rurouni Kenshin) featuring a rare couple, Aoshi and Megumi!
A Quotes page is open! Currently holds (count 'em!) 175 quotes taken from anime, cartoons, video games etc.

Now, what can you find here? For one, my random bouts of fiction (Original and fanfiction, and if you're lucky some guest fiction as well).

But mainly this is for my sketches. Again, original and fan art. Mostly of anime and video games tho, cause they're easier than real life! ;)

Alright, here's the usual deal. I let you roam around the place unheeded and you sign my guestbook! It's the best deal innit? It is! :)

And if you want to contact me, you can email me!


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